Under the Ruish Moon

‘The Selkie’, The World of James Browne

Under the Ruish Moon is Dawn’s first folklore fiction story. Published by Propertius Press in the anthology Draw Down the Moon, it is set in a remote location on the Shetland Islands and tells the tale of a woman who longs to return to her watery home but cannot leave the love she has found on land.

• • •

The Silent Barn

I climb the narrow staircase to the mow of my father’s barn, the wooden steps worn smooth by man. Thin, winter sunlight streams, like shards of glass through the cracks between the wallboards. My aged parents are away. My purpose here is to feed the cats, the only welcomed creatures of this barn. There are other unseen inhabitants: the mice, the racoons, and the rats that warrant the need for the cats and the .22 rifle hanging high on pegs at the bottom of the staircase—beyond the reach of children and the view of most.

• • •

Paradise Acres

April 1, 2021

In this deeply touching memoir, Dawn Beecroft Teetzel returns to her childhood in the countryside, retracing the roots of a life-altering friendship with a rough-around-the-edges, old bachelor, Earl Brush. Though life has been kind to her—she’s happily married with two beautiful daughters—a nagging sensation stirs memories of peaceful afternoons spent with Earl as a young girl. As Dawn fondly chronicles her childhood and Earl’s dream to build himself a cabin in the woods, she confronts the possibility of past lives and what never was but could have been.

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