Under the Ruish Moon

‘The Selkie’, The World of James Browne

Under the Ruish Moon is my first folklore fiction story. Published by Propertius Press in the anthology Draw Down the Moon, it is set in a remote location on the Shetland Islands and tells the tale of a woman who longs to return to her watery home but cannot leave the love she has found on land. I have to say, writing this story was pure enjoyment.

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The Silent Barn

I climb the narrow staircase to the mow of my father’s barn, the wooden steps worn smooth by man. Thin, winter sunlight streams, like shards of glass through the cracks between the wallboards. My aged parents are away. My purpose here is to feed the cats, the only welcomed creatures of this barn. There are other unseen inhabitants: the mice, the racoons, and the rats that warrant the need for the cats and the .22 rifle hanging high on pegs at the bottom of the staircase—beyond the reach of children and the view of most.

Written with love for my father, James Beecroft.

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Old Lovers

Old Lovers, appearing in Depths of Summer: A Summer Anthology By Wingless Dreamer Publisher.

Edited by Ruchi Acharya.

Depths of Summer is an anthology of incredible poems to celebrate summer and the pleasant sense of nostalgia that it brings with it. 

From endeavoring sonnets to haiku, mesmerizing couplets to poems that capture a moment, this diverse anthology brings you a potpourri of poems on nature. 

There’s a poem for every reader and a poem for every mood. From over numerous submissions across the globe, these vote-worthy poems made it to the top. This collection of poems will serve as a launchpad to bring some of the world’s greatest contemporary poets into the limelight. This anthology is proof of the ever-evolving, fluid, evergreen, and thriving world of poetry. A must-have for every ardent lover of the art form.

You can read the longer excerpt here.

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Being Her Sunshine

“Trust me, being her sunshine is not easy”

The kitchen is in total disarray. A whispered groan escapes my lips as I take it in: pots and pans strewn across the counter top, the table obscured by dainty floral china. My father has cleared a small area for his cereal bowl and coffee mug. “I see Mom was at it again last night,” I murmur.

Being Her Sunshine – By Dawn Beecroft Teetzel. Published by Off Topic Publishing.

Available to read in full here.

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Paradise Acres

April 1, 2021

In this deeply touching memoir, Dawn Beecroft Teetzel returns to her childhood in the countryside, retracing the roots of a life-altering friendship with a rough-around-the-edges, old bachelor, Earl Brush. Though life has been kind to her—she’s happily married with two beautiful daughters—a nagging sensation stirs memories of peaceful afternoons spent with Earl as a young girl. As Dawn fondly chronicles her childhood and Earl’s dream to build himself a cabin in the woods, she confronts the possibility of past lives and what never was but could have been.

Brimming with tenderness and imbued with the calming sounds and sights of the woods, Paradise Acres is an uplifting account of growing up, family bonds, friendship, and how one person can leave a tremendous, lasting impression on another, even long after death. It is a heartwarming coming-of-age story that tells the tale of an unlikely friendship between a young girl and a weathered, elderly farmer, proving age is just a number and that love does indeed span generations, perhaps even lifetimes.

Published in 2021.

Available on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com!

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